The Raglan Schools Travel Scheme

At The Raglan Schools we are keen to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. We are a part of TFL’s STARS accreditation scheme, which inspires young Londoners to think differently about travel and its impact on their health, wellbeing and the environment. We are pleased to announce that our Infant School currently has a silver accreditation and our Junior School currently has a gold accreditation.  During the year 2014/15 39% of our children walked to school, this rose to 45% in 2015/16, this then rose to a further 53% in 2016/17 and we are pleased to announce that this year, 2017/18, our active travel rose to 55%! 

What are our aims?

At The Raglan Schools we aim to:

  1. Reduce the amount of cars journeying to and from our schools on a daily basis.

  2. Educate our children about the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

As air pollution is a key issue that is getting more and more awareness across London, we believe at The Raglan Schools that we should make our children aware of the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

What are we doing at The Raglan Schools to raise awareness of an active lifestyle?

Every Wednesday at Raglan we have a competition amongst the classes called ‘Walk On Wednesday’s’ (WOW).  This encourages children to walk, cycle or scoot to school in a bid to win a sort after ‘Wallace and Gromit’ voucher for their class.  This competition has seen a rise in the number of children who are ditching their car ride and walking to school. 

We also had a ‘Green Week’ this year, which raised the importance of living an active healthy lifestyle to our children. This showed them how important living a ‘green’ lifestyle is to reduce your own carbon footprint. The children took part in activities such as empty classroom day, Green Day and creating their own ‘eco-city’ made out of recycled materials.

Our children have also enjoyed more active school trips this year. At The Raglan Schools we undertake an educational visit every half term. We have completed walking trips such as, trips to the local area as well as The River Lea in Year 5. This allowed the children to experience the wildlife through a different perspective whilst engaging in active travel. 
In May 2018, Year 3 and 4 took part in Bikeability training level 1. The children had the opportunity to learn new skills on a bike such as travelling, stopping and accelerating. The children had a great few days testing and learning their new bike skills.

Keep a regular eye on our page for updates on this important and current topic!