Wearing a school uniform plays a valuable part in contributing to the ethos of our schools whilst setting and reflecting an age-appropriate standard. It is also a visual reminder of personal discipline, independence, good order and the School's high standards and expectations. 

All garments are widely available from High Street shops except for the items with the school logo – garments do not need to have a school logo on them but they should be in the school’s colour and style.

You can purchase the school uniform at

My Clothing - visit the Raglan Schools Page

J.Smith & Sons - 155-157 Lancaster Road, Enfield, EN2 0JN    
0208 363 2424  

Your School Uniform http://www.yourschooluniform.com

Uniform Guidelines



While Polo shirt

White shirt

White blouse

Grey Trousers

Grey Skirt

Grey Shorts (smart)

Royal blue jumper or sweater




Blazer and/or house tie for Juniors

Blue & White checked dress

Raglan Fleece for outdoor use



Sensible, practical shoes with uppers no higher than the ankle bone, no boots or trainers. Heel maximum 25mm and sole maximum 15mm


Black plain unbranded trainers are permitted for active pupils (strictly no brands allowed)



PE Kits

Wearing PE kit on those PE days has been successful so are now making this our policy going forward. We are tightening up on what this looks like with some minor changes.


We are calling this our Active Uniform recognising that we ask our pupils to be active most days of the week and especially on PE days. Children can wear their school jumper/cardigan on top for other lessons when the weather is cooler. Whilst a branded Raglan PE t-shirt is sold in the uniform shops it is not a requirement, a plain one from your preferred store is great. 



Plain white t-shirt, black shorts and plain black trainers or plimsolls. Black joggers or leggings for colder days


Years 1-6

Plain coloured t-shirt to match their house colour (red, blue, yellow and green) and black shorts and plain black trainers or plimsolls. Black joggers or leggings for colder days. 

Named Clothing and Lost Property

Children are encouraged to go outside during the day throughout the year so it is important, especially for children who travel to school in the car, that they are equipped for wet weather and sunshine. It is essential that a child's clothing and property be marked in some way. This does help when trying to trace lost property. To view lost property, please conract the office. Lost property is displayed from time to time  after which it is recycled.


Jewellery should not be worn in school. Stud earrings are permitted, but they must be removed (or preferably not worn at all) on the days P.E. activities are taking place.


Each pupil has a box or a locker for their belongings. Therefore there is insufficient room for big bags. Please keep the bags small, ideally, a book bag and a draw-string PE bag works best.

Personal Belongings

We discourage children from bringing personal belongings to school to avoid any issues around loss and upset. Whilst analogue watched are good for pupils to use and improve their ability to tell the time, they are just one more thing to get damaged or lost. Expensive items such as fitbits are not allowed. 

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed at Raglan. If your child (usually Year 6) is walking independently to school then please let us know in writing. These are the first children to be checked in the morning and we will let you know if they have not registered at school.