Key People

Welfare Assistant Infants

Hilary Wick (Mon - Wed)
Maria Buttigieg (Thurs - Fri)

Welfare Assistants Juniors

Margaret Nicolas (Tues-Fri)

Our Welfare Officers are there to support the general wellbeing of pupils. Please call the school office to speak to them. We ask parents to keep us informed of relevant medical needs or information. Information it is crucial for us to know includes conditions such as asthma, allergies, hearing or sight impairments, eczema, diabetes or epilepsy. Please advise us promptly of any changes which may affect your child’s medical, social, emotional and psychological well-being at school. A medical care plan is drawn up with any child with medical needs.


We try and prevent accidents from occurring but they do happen from time to time. If we are concerned about your child following an accident and think that they need to seek further medical treatment we will contact you or your designated emergency contact immediately. In serious cases, which are thankfully rare, we will call an ambulance or use our own cars.


We prefer parents to administer medicines whenever possible. If parents cannot, for clear reasons, please contact the school welfare officers to discuss the matter. 


Owing to the risks Rubella presents to a pregnant mother, please warn us immediately if your child has attended school with ‘German Measles’ so we can inform other parents.

Swimming and Verrucae

Children suffering from verrucae must have a plaster over each one and wear a proper verrucae sock when swimming or using the school’s shower.

Head Lice

All schools experience head lice outbreaks from time to time. Scratching the head is a common indication that a child may have nits (eggs) or live lice (insects). If we identify a child having nits, we shall inform you by sending a letter home requesting that you arrange treatment. The entire family should be treated with the recommended shampoo or lotion and children should return to school only when this has been done. Lice pass from one child to another and lay their eggs in clean hair. Please try not to be embarrassed if your child has head lice, the lice prefer clean hair and it is no reflection on personal or family hygiene.

Nut Allergies

We have a number of children in school who are highly allergic to nuts. Anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening condition, occurs when such a child comes into contact with nuts – however slight. We try to be a nut free school as far as practicable and ask parents to make sure that nuts or nut products are not brought into school for lunches or class parties.