Self Study Page for Maths

1) Your teacher will give you some printed questions. You can open a pdf document of the same questions by clicking on the link in the top box below. 

2) Have a go at answering the first question on the paper.

3) To check your answer click go to the pdf document and click on the YouTube link for that question. You can watch the problem being solved and check if you are right. If you get it wrong, watch the clip again to see where you went wrong.

4) If you are looking at this on an iPad, the YouTube links may not work. This may be a problem with SAFARI. Try using CHROME or another browser or try opening it with iBooks. Alternatively you can click on the links below.

003 Decimals


012 Multiplying & Decimals


014 Percentages
2011 KS2 Q17  
2009 KS2 Q14    
2008A KS2 Q14    
2008A KS2 Q16    
2007A KS2 Q16    
2007A KS2 Q24    
2005A KS2 Q10    
2004A KS2 Q8    
2006A KS2 Q18    
2003A KS2 Q17    
2004A KS2 Q17    
2002A KS2 Q16    
2001A KS2 Q8    
2000 KS2 Q11    
2000 KS2 Q11