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At Raglan we have a specialist teacher for Art & Design who works with pupils across the school over the year. Through the Art curriculum, they develop their skills through a variety of media. The aim of the curriculum is to develop the children's knowledge, skills and understanding in art and design. The children develop skills in the context of practical units of work aiming towards a creative outcome. We aim to broaden children's awareness and appreciation of the richness of the natural and made environment, our history and culture, and the creative diversity of the world around us. Through the Art & Design curriculum, they learn about the work of significant artists and designers in the context of history and culture and use these to inform their own practice alongside developing their skills. Where appropriate, they will visit art galleries to see these works of art firsthand. Also, in order to encourage children to see themselves as artists and to give a purpose to their learning, we give them opportunities to show their work in exhibitions for families and friends.


Art is taught discretely in order to ensure progression of skills, but also links with topics and enriches the wider curriculum where appropriate. Art lessons are focused on developing the skills of drawing, painting and sculpture and give children practical opportunities to learn and master various techniques using a range of resources. Through Art they also apply the cross-curricular skills of observing, describing, analysing, comparing and contrasting, evaluating and using a range of interesting and relevant vocabulary. We use a range of creative starting points such as famous paintings, interesting objects, visits and visitors, stories and tv documentaries to engage and inspire the children.

Units of work are planned and delivered by the Art and Design specialist teacher for half a term 3 times a year in Y1-Y6 as whole class lessons

EYFS units of work are planned and introduced by the Art and Design specialist and taught in small groups as part of the early years provision by EYFS staff alongside continuous provision opportunities for Expressive Arts and Design

Curriculum Enrichment

The Art & Design curriculum is enhanced and enriched by various extra-curricular activities where children can explore skills, techniques and resources in smaller groups through art clubs and special art projects.  We also continue to introduce the children to a wider range of artists of different ethnicities, genders, times and cultures, particularly those that represent the diversity of our school and of multicultural Britain, through special art assemblies, whole school challenges and home learning activities. 

Long term Plan

art LTP 2022

Medium Term Planning

Art & Design medium term plan new 2022