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Friday 27th JanuarY

Strike ACTION Arrangements

Please find linked a letter regarding the planned strike action next Wednesday. The school will be partly open and the letter sets out the arrangements.

Teachers have helpfully given me notice of their intentions but this is subject to change over the coming days.

Strike Info Letter to Parents 270123

Thursday 26th January

Strike Action Latest

Strike action is planned to take place next Wednesday 1st February and the school will be significantly affected by the action as a large number of teachers are members of the NEU. I will be writing to parents and careers tomorrow (Friday) with the arrangements for the day. Any information shared is subject to change as staff can change their mind.

neu parents leaflet.pdf

Why are teachers striking?

Teacher members of the NEU have voted to strike and I am sharing a parent information leaflet from the union that explains the reasons. The leaflet refers to pay rises that were not fully funded in 2022. This is correct and for Raglan that meant we had to make £120,000 of cuts to the budget in September to make up the difference.

Learn English at Raglan

We are pleased to offer a beginner's course for parents who wish to improve their English. The course runs every Tuesday during term time and will be from 09.00-10.00am at the Hub at Raglan Schools. The classes will be free of charge.

If you are interested in coming to the English classes please can you complete the link below to reserve your place. Due to limited availability, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

THURSDAY 19th January

Strike Action

You will have seen in the news the planned strike action by members of the NEU. The dispute is around pay and also the lack of funding for the pay rises that were awarded in 2022/23.

We do have a significant number of teachers who are members of that union at Raglan so we are likely to be affected by the strike action planned over the next two months. At this stage, I am unable to say how we will be affected but will advise parents in due course. Union members are not obliged to tell the Headteacher until the day itself whether they are striking which in turn makes decision-making and communications with parents very challenging. We will be getting advice from our HR providers and the LA over the next few days.

The dates for London are Wed 1st February, Thurs 2nd March and Wed15th and Thurs 16th March.

Y4 Swimming

Year 4 swimming has been cancelled for the last two weeks due to a problem at the pool, which is out of our control. The organisers have been in touch to offer some additional sessions and once arranged we will let you know. Thankfully we have not been charged for the coaches despite the late notice. Year 5 who swim at St Ignatius School are unaffected.


As usual, our programme was heavily oversubscribed but we managed to assign first choices to the vast majority of pupils. We are now in the process of adding these to ParentPay where fees apply.

There are spaces still in the outdoor football on Friday run by Pro-Elite which is for Years 2, 3 and 4. If this is of interest please email to request a place.

Health Update

As anticipated we have a small number of cases of chickenpox (5) and Group A streptococcus (1) and so we are sharing the latest letter from the UK Health Security Agency and the advice issued for both. Please do keep us updated if your child has either of these conditions. There is a greater concern for those children who have both at the same time and parents should seek medical advice if this is the case.

402193 NENCL_Scarlet_fever_chickenpox_school_letter_for_parents.pdf

Letter to Parents

Group A Streptoccocus factsheet_20221216_final_ Dec 2022.pdf

STREP A Scarlet Fever

UKHSA PHE_chickenpox information sheet (1).pdf


SchooL Council

Representatives from the School Council and Parliament met Mr Kelsey today to update him on what they have been doing. They have been very busy this year including

  • ideas for Golden Time activities

  • ideas for the non-fiction library

  • rules for using the Chromebooks during wet breaks

  • organising the Children In Need Fair

  • organising the Anti-Bullying poster competition and deciding on a winner.

Book Packs

As part of our support for pupils in receipt of free school meals we have been providing book packs for pupils to build their own library collection at home and share some great books at bedtime etc. Some pupils in Reception pupils will be receiving very soon followed by Year 1 and Year 2.

Raglan Spanish & French.pdf

Bonjour! HOLA!

Spaces are still available for this term, especially KS2 French on a Wednesday.

Speak Like A Native is all about fun with languages and we're delighted to open our French & Spanish clubs at Raglan so that your children don't miss out on the opportunity to learn a language. Get 2 FREE Activity Packs and a session-by-session break-down with your booking.

Go to type in your postcode and click ’search’ to book your place!

Watch our video to find out more about our method and to play 2 fun language games:

Tuesday 10th January

STart Time

Most children are on time at Raglan but we do have a consistent number of late children, so do aim to be at school for 08:40 when the doors open. We do close them promptly at 08:50 which is when the register is taken.

Reception Places for September 2023

This is a reminder that the applications for primary schools closes on 15th January. Pupils at Raglan Nursery do not get an automatic place in Reception so you will need to apply. Please do not miss the deadline as your application will not be considered until after the first round of allocations and we will likely to be full after the first round. More details - click here

NURSERY place for September 2023

Applications close for Nursery places on the 15th February. More details - click here

Curriculum Maps

We have updated our Curriculum Maps for Spring 1 so you can see what the children are doing this half term.

Nursery Curriculum Map Slides 2022 (public)


Reception Curriculum Map 2022 (public)


Year 1 Curriculum Map 2022 (public)

Year 1

Year 2 Curriculum Map 2022 (public)

Year 2

Y3 Curriculum Map 2022 (public)

Year 3

Y4 Curriculum Map 2022 (public)

Year 4

Y5 Curriculum Map 2022 (public)

Year 5

Y6 Curriculum Map 2022 (Public)

Year 6

Pre-School Activities

Our programme of pre-school activities returns this term with three different choices. Aimed at children 3 and under it is open to prospective parents/pupils and those in th local community.

The session are led by school staff including our Assistant Headteacher for Early Years and our specialist teachers in Music and Art.

Spaces do fill up quickly so booking opens Tuesday 11th Jan at 8am on the links below.

Music & Rhyme

Mondays at 08:45

starting 16th January

Messy Play

Wednesdays at 08:45

starting 11th January

Stay & Play

Fridays 08:45 & 10:30

starting 13th January

Raglan Spanish & French.pdf

Bonjour! HOLA!

Speak Like A Native is all about fun with languages and we're delighted to open our French & Spanish clubs at Raglan so that your children don't miss out on the opportunity to learn a language. Get 2 FREE Activity Packs and a session-by-session break-down with your booking.

Go to type in your postcode and click ’search’ to book your place!

Watch our video to find out more about our method and to play 2 fun language games:


New Devices

Some general reminders about staying safe online.


Social Media TIPS

12 Social Media tips for staying safe online

Wednesday 4th January 2023

Welcome Back

A Happy New Year and welcome back to school as we begin the Spring Term.

Health Advice & ABSENCE

The government issued advice to parents this week. This is not a major change but a reminder that children should stay at home if they have a fever/high temperature. Flu, COVID-19 and Scarlet Fever are expected to increase again over the coming weeks. The school is also aware of chickenpox and impetigo circulating.

Please report all absences on our ONLINE FORM by 09:30 each day.

"Flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) are currently circulating at high levels and are likely to continue to increase in coming weeks. High numbers of scarlet fever, which is caused by group A streptococcus, also continue to be reported. It’s important to minimise the spread of infection in schools and other education and childcare settings as much as possible. If your child is unwell and has a fever, they should stay home from school or nursery until they feel better and the fever has resolved.

Helping children to learn about the importance of good hand hygiene is also key, so practice regular handwashing at home with soap and warm water. Catching coughs and sneezes in tissues then binning them is another simple way to help stop illness from spreading." UK Government Advice, January 2023

As a general rule, these are our expectations for common illnesses at the moment.

Fever/High Temperature - remain at home until feeling better and the temperature has returned to normal

Chickenpox - children remain at home for at least 5 days and can return to school once the LAST spot has crusted over

COVID-19 - If positive, remain at home for 3 days and then return if no high temperature and feeling well

Scarlet Fever - If confirmed and feeling well, children can return 24 hours AFTER the first antibiotic is given

Vomiting/Diarrhea - remain at home for 48 hours after the last episode

Impetigo - remain at home until 48 hours after the first medication is given

Please do follow this guide so that together we can try and minimise the spread within classes and beyond.

TERM Dates

  • Monday 16th January - Clubs start

  • Friday 10th February - School closes for Half Term

  • 13-17 February - Half Term

  • Monday 20th February - School opens at 08:40

  • Friday 17th March - Clubs finish

  • Friday 31st March - School closes for Easter Break at 15:10/15:20

Clubs and Activities Spring 2023 FINAL (public)

CLubs - Spring 2023

This is a final reminder for clubs.

Please read the information booklet carefully before making your requests. As usual please make your requests online on the link below. This form will close on Thursday 5th January (12 noon)

The KS2 gymnastics trials postponed before the break will now take place on Monday 9th January in the Junior Hall and will finish at 4.30pm. Collection is from the Amberley Road gate.

LotM - Japanese (Jan)

Language of the month - Japanese

Each month we feature a language and this month is Japanese.

Wednesday 14th December


Thank you for working with our restrictions in place. These will continue on Thursday so an extended registration from 08:40-09:15.

Key Dates

  • Thursday 15th Dec 2pm - Lights, Camel, Action! by Year 4 (ticket only)

  • Friday 16th Dec - School closes at 1.30pm - 1.50pm and 4.30pm (Wrap Club)

  • Tuesday 3rd January - Training Day

  • Wednesday 4th January - School Opens for pupils at 08:40

Clubs and Activities Spring 2023 FINAL (public)

CLubs - Spring 2023

We are pleased to launch the Clubs for next term. Please read the information booklet carefully before making your requests. As usual please make your requests online on the link below. This form will close on Thursday 5th January (12 noon)

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home over the next two days. These provide a short update on progress and build on your face to face meeting in October. The guidance for the reports is below.

EYFS Report Guidance Autumn 2022


Year 1 Report Guidance 2022

Year 1

Y2-6 Report Guidance Autumn 2022

Years 2-6

Monday 12th December

Snow Day Fun!

An unexpected downfall of snow brought some challenges today but the children had a fun time in the snow.

Year 2 also performed their nativity I'm Gonna Shine to a packed out hall. They did really well with all the last minurte changes.

We will assess the weather again tomorrow and whilst there is no more snow in the forecast the ice will be an issue as many of the roads remain unclear or untreated.

Monday 5th December

Health Advice

We continue to have a small number of confirmed cases of Scarlet Fever and Chickenpox. I am sure many of you are concerned about hearing the weekend news regarding Strep A infections. We are in touch with Public Health regarding the cases of Scarlet Fever at Raglan and continue to follow their advice. Please do look out for the symptoms of Scarlet Fever. I am resending the public information but the main advice is to seek medical advice on 111 or with your GP if you are concerned.

I have also attached the information for Chickenpox which is also around at the moment. Please remember that your child should stay off school until the last spot has crusted over.

If your child is ill, please keep us updated on your child’s condition using the online form.

2019 FAQs_Scarlet_fever_symptoms_diagnosis_and_treatment.pdf

Scarlet Fever

UKHSA PHE_chickenpox information sheet (1).pdf