Online Safety


Welcome to the Online Safety page where you will find 

Child Exploitation and Online Protection

Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

Click on the button to make a report to CEOP


Filtering and Monitoring

Raglan's internet services are provided by LGfL (London Grid for Learning) one of the leading providers. The level of safety and security is high which includes filtering out inappropriate material. It allows us to block sites such as social media for example. No filtering system is 100% perfect so monitoring is equally important and staff are trained appropriately to identify issues and report them. 

For further and more detailed information about how LGfL meets government standards, please see the document. 

Digital Parenting

The latest edition of the Digital Parenting magazine, brought to you by Vodafone.  Including 6 tips for better digital-life balance (see pages 4 & 5) 


New Devices

Some general reminders about staying safe online.


Social Media TIPS

12 Social Media tips for staying safe online 

Amigo parent guide.pdf


An app for connecting with random people across the world rated 18+ so definitely not appropriate for children. 

TikTok parent guide.pdf


One of the world's biggest social networks and used by children despite the 12+ rating due to inappropriate content including images, music and language

Roblox guide.pdf


A Safety guide for parents for this popular online game. Dangers include contact with strangers. 

Minecraft guide.pdf


Another popular app and game amongst children so do check out the safety recommendations. 

Fifa23 guide.pdf


Hugely popular so do ensure your child is safe online when using it. Dangers include contact with starngers and scamming.

Instagram guide.pdf


Popular with adults and children alike, so do ensure if you have allowed your child to have an account the settings are set to private.