Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum 

At Raglan we teach our children to think critically, be inquisitive and independent learners and aspire to be the best that they can be so that they can thrive in an ever-changing world. We have a broad and ambitious curriculum for all pupils; which incorporates rich vocabulary and knowledge to enhance the cultural capital that pupils need to be educated citizens. By focusing on scholarship, we introduce our pupils to the ‘best that has been thought and said’ and help them to appreciate and be inspired by human creativity and achievement. We design our curriculum and provide enrichment opportunities that enable our children to be resilient, articulate and confident learners.

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced, with subjects taught as individual disciplines with their own substantive and disciplinary knowledge, to ensure progression from one year group to the next. We use the Early Years Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and use Development Matters as a starting point for planning each area of learning. Subject leaders play an important role in planning lessons that reflect the key skills and knowledge required for each important stage of the pupils’ learning journey from early years through to Key Stage 2. We are continually reviewing our curriculum to ensure it is representative of our school community and meets the needs of all our learners.