Secondary Transfer

Applying to secondary school can be a daunting task and in Enfield there is a wide variety of options, but many are limited. Parents in Year 5 are encouraged to think ahead, especially if you are considering a selective school where entrance exams and auditions will begin in the Summer Term before the start of Year 6. 

For Year 6 parents you MUST apply by 31st October. Miss this and you will be very limited in what school you will be allocated. We will hold a meeting in early September for Year 6 parents (also Year 5) so you can be aware of the process and find out the Do's and Don'ts of applying! 

If you are thinking about selective schools or those with special places for arts or sports then look at the school website for details. Sometimes this happens in the Summer Term of Year 5. 

RAGLAN Parent Meeting 2023

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Secondary Admissions

Slides used at the parent/carer meeting for secondary admissions


A video (30 mins) by Mr Kelsey talking through the process of applying for a secondary schools.

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Secondary School Guide


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