AIms & Values

Our Aims

We have three key aims which are Aspire, Persevere and Succeed.


  • Have high expectations and aim for success

  • Be motivated to learn and achieve

  • Be responsible for ourselves and each other


  • Have a positive approach

  • Meet challenges and learn from mistakes

  • Develop confidence, motivation and determination


  • Be the best you can be

  • Achieve your goals

  • Identify your next challenge

School Values

Our school values were inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Values after London hosted the games in 2021. They are embedded into our day-to-day work with the children and used to develop well-rounded children ready for their next stage of education.

The original ideas came from the children themselves and the school council picked the final 7 designs.

It was then over to an illustrator and graphic designer to create a coherent group of characters. There were a few tweaks such as Carl becoming Carly to balance up the genders and Danny developed some cool wheels! All the characters have different shapes and colours.

They are now on stickers, praise postcards and posters. They feature every week in our celebration assemblies.