Staff Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is about the general ethos and approach of the school and is a key part of the leadership role. We have been developing this over the last few years including establishing a Staff Well-Being Group. The role of the group is as follows

PPA Time 

PPA for teaching staff goes beyond the statutory requirements and whilst pupils rotate around Music, Art, Computing and PE, the teams can spend time together or go their separate ways. Typically teams come out of class at 11am after teaching core subjects and are free for the rest of the day.  More recently we have been taking some PPA from home.


We continue to be aware of workload as the education world around us changes. We try and use technology that is efficient and time-saving and our use of Google Workspace across the whole school provides many efficiencies to communications and collaboration. Our planning is shared and has moved online, to be more dynamic and streamlined. With specialist teachers in four subjects, there are reduced teaching and planning expectations. 

We continue to develop alternative ways to provide feedback to pupils and we would effectively in teams so that the workload can be shared and supported.  

Other Things that contribute to staff well-being