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Music is an integral part of everyday life at Raglan where every child develops an instilled passion for music and experiences a rich and diverse curriculum with an abundance of performing opportunities. Children SHOULD leave school with the confidence and skills to be musically literate. Music stays with us throughout our lives and is part of our society, country and culture. Music should also be part of our adult lives not only as a potential career path but as a source of enjoyment and enrichment.

Every child should have the right to weekly music lessons and singing assemblies and leave school being able to sing in tune, confident in reading notation and to develop their own sense of style through composing and improvising. Children should be given opportunities to learn musical instruments whatever their background or financial situation and develop their skills to become lifelong musicians.


In EYFS the foundations for musical learning are laid through songs, rhymes, chants and pulse work. This develops their communication and language skills in a fun and engaging way. Singing and movement helps children express their feelings and ideas, and share them with others, which reinforces positive relationships with adults and other children. EYFS has opportunites to perform in a Christmas nativity and wider singing performances to parents throughout the year.

In KS1 pupils develop essential musicianship skills through the Jolly Music programme (foundations of rhythm, pulse, and pitch) in preparation for the Key Stage 2 programme. They have the opportunity to learn how to develop their singing voice and play a range of percussion instruments with control and begin to use symbols and notations to create rhythmic patterns.

The Key Stage 2 these skills are built upon and applied onto learning musical instruments. The lessons are delivered through a whole class instrumental programme where pupils currently learn to play percussion instruments in year 3, Violin in Year 4 and the Ukulele in Year 5. In Year 6, pupils use their knowledge of the inter- related dimensions of music in more depth and have the opportunity to explore music technology to compose.

In addition to weekly lessons, every child attends singing assemblies to enrich their musical experience and work collaboratively across the school. Children develop a love of music and it is clear within the school community that music plays an integral part at Raglan. A focal part of these assemblies is that the children have exposure to musical history and opportunity to listen to a wide range of musical genres, periods and cultures.

Performing to others is an integral part of our pupils’ musical development and they are given the opportunity to perform in our Summer and Winter concerts, school assemblies, performance platforms, in the community and even at prestigious venues around London. The highlight of each year is the Year 6 leavers School Show!

Curriculum Enrichment

Pupils also have the opportunity to develop their music skills through our one-term enrichment programmes, which run alongside their weekly music lessons: West African Djembe drumming in Year 2, Junk Orchestra in year 3, Brazilian Steel pans in Year 4 and a Gospel singing project in Year 5.

We offer a variety of music clubs each week for pupils to enjoy: Beginner and advanced recorders, Chamber choir, Junior choir, Infant choir x 2, String ensemble, Brass group, Clarinet ensemble, Guitar ensemble and a Wind band.

We have a thriving instrumental peripatetic programme delivered by visiting specialist teachers from Enfield Music service. Pupils have the opportunity to learn the piano, keyboard, guitar, drum kit, voice, strings, brass and woodwind instruments. The school support children financially who are pupil premium to have group instrument lessons.

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