Relationships Education

Consultation on Relationships Education

The government is introducing Relationships Education to primary schools and at Raglan we will be an early adopter of the new curriculum from September 2019.

Relationships Education will become compulsory for all primary school children and schools are expected to develop a policy and scheme of work based on the guidance from the government. Schools are expected to consult with parents and staff in order to develop the policy and scheme.

Key things to note about Relationships Education

  • The Relationships Education scheme at Raglan is for pupils in Years 1 to 6.

  • Sex Education is NOT part of Relationships Education.

  • A new policy for Sex Education will be developed in 2020 and delivered to Year 6 in Summer 2020.

  • Parts of the body (Years 1-4), puberty and changes (Year 5) is now part of the Science curriculum.

To develop the policy a working group made up of staff, governors and parents was put together from an initial survey. They have been meeting to look at the guidance and develop a draft policy and scheme of work. The next stage is to consult with staff and parents before a final draft is submitted for approval to the governing body on 10th July.

We will be holding a Consultation Meeting on Wednesday 3rd July at 6pm to present the policy and scheme of work. There will also be an opportunity to look at some of the books that will accompany the scheme.

All parents are invited to read the policy and scheme and share your views in order that we can reflect on the policy and make any necessary changes. We have created a survey, which is available to complete online. If you would prefer a paper copy of the policy and survey, please collect a copy from the office.

To read the policy & scheme -  click here

To attend the meeting - click here

To complete the survey - click here

A reminder email to parents/carers was sent on Thursday 4th July, this can be seen below:

Reminder email to Parents - 4th July 2019

Following the consultation evening for the new Relationships Education, we are extending the consultation deadline to Monday 8th July. 

22 parents/carers attended last evening and 15 left feedback forms and so far a further 31 have completed the survey online. This is a small number of our parent population so please take a look at the policy and scheme as we would like as many views and responses as possible.

You can find all the details and the survey on our website - click here


  • 6th February - the launch of the initial survey about SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) sent to parents by email via the weekly news and also posted on our website and on Twitter.

  • 13th February - featured again in the weekly news and reminder about the consultation and posted on our website.

  • 25th February  - survey closed with 56 responses.

In the survey parents and staff supported the school retaining sex education in Year 6. This will be written as a separate policy from RelationshipsEducation. A small number of parents and staff expressed an interest in the working party, which would help draft the policy for wider consultation. The small working party consisted of five staff, two governors and two parents. They met three times and the policy was drafted and the scheme compiled by the staff. 

  • 19th June - Update on the policy and announcement of the consultation meeting via the weekly news and website.

  • 24th June - Email to parents with details of the policy & scheme, online survey and consultation evening. Also posted on the website and on Twitter

  • 27th June - Reminder in the weekly news sent by email.

  • 3rd July - Consultation evening 

From the initial feedback to date, we would like to point out the following: 

  • Relationships Education is not about sex education, nobody is teaching about sex (reproduction) to any year group other than Year 6 and parents have the choice to opt-out of sex education. This is set out clearly to parents before it takes place. 

  • The approach to Relationships Education is an inclusive one that acknowledges to children that some families may look different from theirs. This is done in an age-appropriate way. 

  • The statutory guidance set down by the government MUST be covered by the end of Year 6. The draft policy sets out where the school proposes to cover this. 

  • The government guidance is now FINAL and will be statutory (compulsory) from September 2020.

  • The school has opted to become an early adopter of the scheme as we are about to change our PSHE curriculum and it makes sense to do it at the same time. Parents will be able to opt-out until September 2020. We will make this clear to you before we teach it.  

  • Teachers do not express their personal views when they teach, they deliver the curriculum and educate pupils following the learning objectives set down.

The consultation will close on Monday morning. The school will consider the views of parents before making any further changes to the policy and scheme. This will then be discussed at the Governing Body meeting on 10th July.  

Thank you for your time in helping us develop our new policy and scheme.