Anti-Bullying week

We will be having a focus on Anti-Bullying this coming week, which is different from the national week in order to fit our timetable.

The children will take part in an assembly, a workshop and lessons that address some of these issues. I am writing to make you aware, as there may be questions that arise at home as a result of the week.

Bullying is defined as ‘actions that are meant to be hurtful, and which happen on a regular basis.’

Bullying can be direct (either physical or verbal) or indirect (e.g. being ignored or not spoken to)

This week does not sit in isolation but is in addition to our PSHE programme, and links well with our school values (including Respect and Equality) and our behaviour policy. We hope that the children build confidence at Raglan so they can speak out if they are experiencing bullying.

One of the themes this year is ALL DIFFERENT - ALL EQUAL and to emphasise the point we would like the children to wear odd socks on Wednesday 22nd November (again different from the national day). They can be any socks of any colour, but please do not buy anything. Please note there is no money collection for this, it is purely to emphasise the point of ALL DIFFERENT - ALL EQUAL which will be discussed during the day.

We also have themes around anti-bullying for the week, which are split across our teams they are:

EYFS -                       Being kind

Key Stage 1 -            Disability

Key Stage 2 Lower -  Race

Key Stage 2 Upper -  Cyber-bullying and Homophobia

This year we also have an Online Safety Day and all pupils from Reception to Year 6 (except Year 5 who have a Victorian Day) will have a workshop to look at being safe online at an age appropriate level. There are also workshops for staff and a 60 minute workshop for parents at 9am and repeated at 5pm. Details have been sent separately but you can book online here including childcare for the evening session. We will catch up with Year 5 at another point.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your class teacher in the first instance.