Here at The Raglan Schools we aim to empower pupils through the transformative power of computing, by providing a comprehensive and innovative education that prepares pupils for the digital age and equips them with the knowledge and skills to meet the ever-evolving demands of the wider world. We will support children in their learning by providing a nurturing and inclusive environment that encourages curiosity and creativity, and by offering individualised support and resources to help them achieve their full potential.


At The Raglan Schools computing is taught using a blocked curriculum approach. This ensures children are able to develop depth in their knowledge and skills over the duration of each of their computing topics. Teachers use the new computing scheme which has been developed with the help of Neil Rickus a lead consultant and trainer of  Computing and Bradley Dardis who is a member of the Inspire Team from LGfL.


We have a computing suite with Mac computers and ipads. Additionally we have a set of 8 Chromebooks in each class from Years 2-6 to ensure that all year groups have the opportunity to use a range of devices and programs for many purposes across the wider curriculum, as well as in discrete computing lessons. Employing cross-curricular links motivates pupils and supports them to make connections and remember the steps they have been taught.


The implementation of the curriculum also ensures a balanced coverage of computer science, information technology and digital literacy. The children will have experiences of all three strands in each year group, but the subject knowledge imparted becomes increasingly specific and in-depth, with more complex skills being taught, thus ensuring that learning is built upon.

Long term Plan

Raglan Computing LTP 2022-2023

Medium Term Planning

Raglan Computing MTP 2022-2023