At Raglan, we provide a knowledge and language-rich approach to geography, developing our children’s understanding of the world - linking their lived experiences to the global picture. Children gain insights into both natural processes and human actions and their influences at different scales. 

Starting from our school grounds and the local community, children broaden their horizons to encompass Enfield, London, the UK and then the wider world. On their journey they will encounter a broad range of geographical contexts which have been carefully sequenced to build on previous knowledge. By the end of key stage 2, children will have gained skills such as interpreting maps and analysing data, undertaking their own geographical enquiries and solving problems concerning processes, scale, diversity and relationships. 

Raglan children will develop respect for the ever-changing environment and a sense of wonder about the precious and fragile nature of the world around them. The knowledge and skills they have acquired will help them make sense of their own place on an interconnected planet. Our children will be empowered global citizens, aware of their rights and responsibilities and motivated to make a difference locally and globally.


Curriculum Enrichment

Long term Plan

Geography Long Term Planning 2022-2023

Medium Term Planning

Geography Medium Term Planning 2022-2023