Keeping our children safe

Safety First

Today the police were out and about around the school checking on vehicle speeds on Wellington Road as well as checking on parking, seat belts and children properly secured in cars.

Surprisingly, our school isn't part of a 20mph zone like other schools and I have today met with one of our local councillors to discuss the issue of this and also the pedestrian crossing that has still yet to be installed.

Our crossing patrol retired over three years ago and despite reassurances from the council, only recently have we seen any signs of it being looked at. The latest information suggests that we may see the installation during the half term week.

Whilst there could be improvements to the infrastructure, we all need to do our bit at keeping the area around school safe. Parents and visitors should park sensibly and preferably away from the school and walk the last part. We still have a small minority of people who park on the yellow zig zag line and at inappropriate points, such as corners and across curbs. 

I will update you with any further developments.

Martin Kelsey