Field Project

Headteacher Martin Kelsey sets out the next phase of the Field project

Last year we embarked on an ambitious project to make the most out of our school field, which was one big empty space. Of course, that was great for free play and sport, but for a good part of the year, it was unusable due to the weather. 

At the core of the project was to add a path/trail around the outside so we could encourage pupils to stay active and take part in the Daily Mile or as we called it "Run to Tokyo" with the 2020 Olympic Games in mind. The idea was then to create different zones around the field which could be accessed throughout the year. 

In phase one, the first zone was an outdoor classroom/shelter, which proved very popular in the Summer months.

The space was used at playtimes and lunchtimes for keeping out of the direct sun, but it also formed an area to sit and chat or play and act. 

The second zone was a trim trail consisting of several parts, designed to challenge and build up balancing skills and upper body strength. 

The trim trail also included a climbing net, balancing beams and monkey bars. 

The third zone was a willow installation including a tunnel over the path, an outdoor willow classroom and smaller willow spaces. This grew nicely over the summer months and we hope to see it develop over the years.

All this was possible due to the generous support of parents via the RSA, who raised most of the money to get the project off the ground.  

So what's next?

Zone 4 is for creative play and will be a "Hobbit House" a Den and play space that will sit alongside the trail. It's a place to hide and play or sit and talk. It will make a great feature for the next zone. Around £7,000 will be required for Zone 4. 


For Zone 5 we would like to have a Musical Zone and have three or four outdoor instruments, again next to the trail so they can be accessed all year round. The instruments are designed to be outside and to be robust. We have yet to decide what surfacing will go underneath to make it accessible all year. Around £6000 to £10,000 will be needed for zone 5.


Other zones are under consideration too, including Science, Geography and a Fitness Zone with fixed outdoor gym equipment, especially for children.


The RSA are busy fundraising for the next zones and have started to make good progress. Over the year they will continue to run events, which not only bring the community together but raise funds for the project. Their activities this term include:

  • The Smarties Challenge - has already raised £1,400
  • Christmas Cards
  • Luxury Hamper Draw
  • Quiz Night - 23rd November
  • Year 3/4 Disco - 23rd November
  • Christmas Fayre - 1st December

Thank you for your support to date. Hopefully, we can raise enough for the next zones and have them installed for the Summer Term 2019.