Please Park Responsibly

As a polite reminder to all parents and carers, please park legally and responsibly when dropping off and collecting your children. This also includes not dropping children in the middle of the road or allowing children to get out whilst stopped at the new zebra crossing.

Park and Stride

Ideally, parents and carers should walk or park well away from the school and walk the remaining distance to school. Not only is it a more healthy start to the day, but it also makes the immediate surroundings less busy and safer. 

Report a Vehicle

Whilst we receive reports and photos of cars parked illegally, there is not much the school can do, as we do not keep registration numbers on record and cannot enforce anything or fine a driver.

Please report any vehicles that are parked illegally to 020 8443 0602 This is the number of NSL, who are the parking contractors for Enfield. 

You can report a vehicle if it is violating any parking restrictions. A vehicle is parked illegally if it is:

  • double parked (more than 50cm from the kerb)
  • in a disabled parking space without a Blue Badge
  • in a residents or business parking space without a valid permit
  • on school entrance markings
  • on the pavement or verge (except in a legal pavement parking space)
  • on waiting restriction lines (yellow lines)
  • parked on or next to a dropped kerb