Advice to Parents

We have started to encounter the colder winter weather and sometimes we need to restrict access to the playgrounds for safety reasons. Please note the following:

We are not able to use rock salt on the Year 5/6 playground (due to the safety surfacing) so when this is slippery access will be restricted. Junior Pupils can enter via the Raglan Road (old office) entrance and Infant children will need to enter via either Amberley or Wellington Road entrances.

If the Year 3/4 playground is too slippery, this will be closed and pupils are asked to enter via the back door in the Millennium Garden close to the Office.

If access to the Infant playground is slippery then we will salt a path to the nearest door(s).

Staff will be around to direct and advise you on these days.

Should we encounter weather that restricts our ability to open the school (usually due to insufficient staff or dangerous travelling conditions), then we will advise as soon as possible via:

  • Text message to contact 1 and contact 2

  • Email message to contact 1 and contact 2

  • School website