Relationships Education Consultation

Help us form a new policy for Relationships Education

The government has produced new draft guidance for the renamed Relationships Education for primary schools. This was previously known as Sex and Relationships (SRE). As a school, we now wish to write our own policy based on the guidance and we are beginning the process of consulting with parents and staff.

The process will be in several stages:

  1. Outline the key points of the new guidance to staff and parents/carers;

  2. Consult parents/carers and staff on the key question;

  3. Governing Body to make a decision on the key question;

  4. A working party formed to draft policy;

  5. Policy to be shared with stakeholders with an opportunity for feedback;

  6. Governing body to ratify the policy.

Stage One - Main Points of the guidance

The guidance states that the aim of Relationships Education in primary schools is to “put in place the key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships, focussing on family and friendships, both on and offline. This will sit alongside the essential understanding of how to be healthy.” (Draft Guidance 2018, p3)

Key points from the guidance are:

  • Relationships education will be compulsory for all pupils;

  • Sex education has been removed as a requirement, but schools may choose to continue to teach sex education, which they must set out in their policy;

  • Parents in primary schools retain the right to withdraw their child from any sex education elements of the policy;

  • The emphasis on relationships will teach the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships, with particular reference to friendships, family relationships, and relationships with other peers and adults;

  • Policy must take note of the Equality Act 2010;

  • Schools to decide on how the policy is accessible by SEND pupils and how it will include different families (such as LGBT) into relationships education;

  • Schools to outline what is covered in each year group with information and guidance for parents.

Stage Two - Key Question

Primary Schools do not have to teach sex education under the new guidance, but as many already do, they can continue to do so. At Raglan sex education has been taught in Year 6 for many years. Before the sessions start, parents are invited in to review any materials used and find out about the content of lessons. Parents have the right to withdraw pupils from the sex education aspect of the curriculum.

Key Question for Parents/Carers

Do you wish the school to continue to teach Sex Education in Year 6 under the new Relationships Education Policy?

The next stage will be to gather the thoughts of parents in order for Governors to make a final decision on some key aspects of the policy. Following establishing some key principles, a working group will be formed to create the policy. The group will consist of staff, governors and parents and we are looking for interested parents who can commit to reading the guidance, other documents and attend 2/3 meetings to support the development of the policy. There will be further consultation with parents/carers before it returns to the Governing Body. 

You can let us know your thoughts on the Key Question and the Relationships guidance by clicking below and completing a short survey. This should be done by Monday 25th February.  If you are interested to read more, the DfE guidance can be found below.