Poetry Fortnight

World Book Day

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March and we are coinciding this with our poetry fortnight.

The whole school has begun studying at poetry and will be writing their own poems at the end of the fortnight. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will be inspired by a visit from performance poet Valerie Bloom on Tuesday 5th March.

As usual, each child will receive a World Book Day voucher worth £1. This can be spent at any bookshop or exchanged for a free special edition book available at bookshops and supermarkets only. These vouchers can also be used at our book fair.

The book fair will be here from Thursday 7th March until Wednesday 13th March. It will be open after school from 3.15pm in the Infant Dining Hall. There will books for all ages with prices starting from £2.99. The £1 book token can be used. Payments can be made with cash or via telephone. Unfortunately, we can no longer take card payments but you can pay by card via the phone. This new system of payment worked well at our last book fair. It’s quick and easy and you do not have to worry about having sufficient cash with you. Details will be provided at the book fair.

When you buy books at the fair, we earn a commission from each sale. Our last book fair in November earnt us nearly £800! Thank you so much for your generous support. This provides us with essential funds to buy new books across the school.

On Friday 8th March, to celebrate our poetry fortnight, we will be having a pyjama day. Children can come to school dressed in pyjamas! For safety reasons, children need to wear shoes, not slippers. Trainers will be acceptable on this day. Children can also bring in a cuddly toy. Children will be offered hot chocolate and a biscuit. This, together with pyjamas, replicates the comforting and traditional scenario of reading at bedtime. Children are expected to wear school uniform on World Book Day (7 March).

Everyone has a favourite poem, perhaps you too have one from your childhood or a favourite you like to read to your children. It would be lovely to share the Raglan community’s favourite poems so if you would like to send in a poem it would be very welcome indeed.

Ms C Giles

Assistant Headteacher & Lead on Reading