Wrap Club Update

Wrap Club Policy Update

As you are aware the school took over the running of Raglan Wrap Club in 2017 and the purpose of this was to take the club in-house to ensure we could provide a high-quality club, which used school based staff. As time has passed the club has continued to go from strength to strength and numbers have increased. However, with the gain in popularity, there has also been some ongoing issues with ensuring children are booked into wrap on time.

Raglan Wrap Club is not a drop in service. The reason we require children to be booked into wrap is to ensure there are sufficient staff and resources. Over the previous weekend, despite booking closing on Thursday, we had 17 emails making bookings for the week. We have to ensure we have sufficient numbers of staff and it is also important that teachers have up to date registers, which is very difficult when some parents are booking on the day they require the club. In some cases, parents are not booking at all.

Changes to the Policy

A key priority for staff is that children are safe and happy and therefore we have now decided to cap the club at 100 children. Bookings will be applied on a first come first served basis, with some exceptions as outlined in the policy. Looking at previous bookings, this may impact significantly on those parents who are booking late, as these are the bookings which are taking numbers over 100. Please also note that we are now being very specific as to when booking closes and will publish this information on our website

Therefore please note that weekly bookings for this term close on the following dates:

  • 18/03/2019 booking closes on Thursday 14th March at 9am

  • 25/03/2019 booking closes on Thursday 21st March at 9am

  • 01/04/2019 booking closes on Thursday 28th March at 9am

Half termly bookings also close on the following dates:

  • Summer 1 - booking closes on Thursday 4th April at 9am (paid for by 26th April)

  • Summer 2 - booking closes on Thursday 23rd May at 9am  (paid for by 7th June)

Fees and Discount

To take advantage of the 10% discount, half termly bookings should be paid for by the dates specified above. We are able to offer this discount as there is only one fee on ParentPay and less admin time required. Payment after these days will be at the full charge.

The good news is we are recommending to the Governing Body to freeze the fees at the current 2017 levels. However, additional admin such as late bookings and chasing debts is creating additional work. As we approach the end of the financial year, please could you ensure that any outstanding payments are made. Late charges will be applied to the second reminder and the school reserves the right to withdraw a place at the club due to non-payment of fees.

Finally, whilst we have to have a clear policy and procedures in place, there are always exceptions and there may be one off and specific reasons as to why you are unable to adhere to the booking and payment procedures. Please contact us if this is the case.

The Wrap club policy and the Conditions of Provision have been updated and will be ratified by the Governing Body on 27th March. When you make your Summer booking, you will be asked to agree to the new Conditions of Provision.