New Language Clubs

Fun with Languages

We have invited a company called Speak like a Native to run two language clubs in the Summer Term.


Speak Like A Native clubs are the natural, fun way to learn a language, mirroring how we all acquire our first language. This is why our clubs focus on the skills of speaking and listening. In each session of the club there are games, tasks and activities for the children to enjoy at the end of the school day - and all in Spanish (KS1) or French (KS2)  It’s not a formal lesson, which is why there’s no homework or lists of vocabulary to learn. The aim is to build confidence and a love of languages so that this group of children become lifelong learners.

Club details:

KS1 Spanish: 15:10-16:10 every Tuesday. £70 for the 10 week term

KS2 French: 15:20-16:20 every Wednesday. £70 for the 10 week term

To view the website click here

To book your place for the Summer term click here:

Here’s a short video about Speak Like A Native clubs and one on their method.