A letter from Mr Kelsey

Dear Parents/Carers

I find myself once again writing to parents and carers with a reminder to some car drivers about their conduct around the school area. Two recent incidents have prompted this letter, both unpleasant to those concerned and completely avoidable if the law of the land is followed.

Illegal Parking includes:

  • double parked (more than 50cm from the kerb)

  • on school entrance markings

  • on the pavement or verge (except in a legal pavement parking space)

  • on waiting restriction lines (yellow lines)

  • parked on or next to a dropped kerb

Park and Stride

If you do need to come by car then park well away from the school and walk the remaining distance, allowing enough time in the morning to do so. This means the area around the school is less busy and more safe for pedestrians. It’s also more healthier for your child.

Turn off your Engine

We all want the air around our school to be as clean as it can be, so please help by turning off your engine if you are waiting. Our postcode scores highly on the pollution scale due its proximity to the roads.

Crossing and Zig Zags

Tempting as it is to stop in a nice clear spot, please do not drop your child off in these areas or while waiting at the new crossing. 



Council Parking Telephone Number

The more reports the council receive for our school, the more likely patrols will be increased. Please report any illegal parking to 020 8443 0602

We are a school community and we should aim to minimise as much disruption to our neighbours as much as we can. It’s estimated that around 1,500 people come and go from the site each day, so we must be mindful of others when choosing where to park and how to conduct ourselves.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Kelsey - Headteacher