School Lunch for Nursery

School Lunch Trial for Nursery Pupils

We will be starting a trial on Monday 11th November 2019 which will give parents the option of being able to purchase a school meal as a lunch option. The children who stay for lunch already eat their packed lunch in the dining hall and are familiar with the environment, but the trial will allow parents to purchase lunch from school. This request has come from several parents who would like the option of a hot meal for their child. The trial will last for the rest of this term and will be reviewed to see if this will become a permanent option for nursery parents. 

In discussions with the Enfield Catering Service, who provide our school meals, we have agreed to make the full school menu available to nursery pupils, but with some sensible adaptations. After looking at the menu we feel that most of the menu is suitable and accessible for this age, but where it is not, adaptations will be made. For example, where a chicken drumstick is on the menu, this will be replaced with a fillet. 

A number of staff are on hand to support children with their lunch and they will continue to be supported with cutting up their food and using a fork, knife and spoon. The meals will be brought to the children at the table and there will be water, milk, salad (eg. carrots and raisins) and bread on the table. For some children this may be an easy transition and others may take a little time to adapt. Staff will liaise with you to give you feedback on how things are going if you decide to give the school meals a try. 

Unfortunately, the government universal meals scheme does not cover nursery pupils, so there is a charge of £2.35 per day or £11.75 per week. This is payable via ParentPay. Please note that your account should be in credit in order to have the meals and you will only be charged for meals taken. Should you require any information on ParentPay, please contact the school office. 

The menu is attached with this letter and for those of you new to Raglan, you will see that there is a main dish, a vegetarian dish or a cold option, usually a sandwich, roll or wrap. There is also an option of a jacket potato with filling, usually beans, tuna or cheese. There is also a dessert every day or fruit. A Halal option of the main dish is also available. 

Due to the age of the children, we will operate a different ordering system for nursery. We would like you to choose their options in advance and we have created an online form to do this each week. Simply complete the form before Monday morning (preferably the Friday before). This means that the children should get what they order.


To order for next week, please look at the full menu and then complete the ONLINE FORM HERE by Friday. The form asks for your email address so you will receive back a copy of your order. It is recommended that you make your child aware of what they are having each morning. It would also be useful to start practising using a knife and a fork at home. 

Kind regards
Mr M Kelsey