Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week including Online Safety

This week we are holding our Anti-bullying Week, which we will be featuring across lessons. The children will take part in an assembly and lessons that address some of these issues. I am writing to make you aware, as there may be questions that arise at home as a result of the week. The definition of bullying is shown below and you can read more in our Anti-Bullying Policy online

Bullying is behaviour by an individual or a group, repeated over time that intentionally hurts another individual either physically or emotionally

This week does not sit in isolation, but is in addition to our PSHE programme and links well with our school values (including Respect and Equality) and our behaviour policy. We hope that the children build confidence at Raglan so they can speak out if they are experiencing bullying. Pupils learn how to support each other and the importance of speaking to an adult if they or their friends are experiencing bullying. Our website now has a link for pupils or parents to report any incidents, which will be investigated by a member of the leadership team. 

Falling out with friends, arguments and individual incidents are not classed as bullying and whilst they need investigating and resolving, adults should be careful not to label a child a bully without justification. Often with bullying, it is repeated and underhand with an imbalance of power over the intended target. 

We also have themes around anti-bullying for the week, which are split across our teams they are:

EYFS - Being kind and friendly 

Key Stage 1 - Disability discrimination

Key Stage 2 Lower - Race discrimination

Key Stage 2 Upper - Homophobia

Tomorrow we will have our Online Safety Day where pupils from Reception to Year 6 will have workshops with our visiting experts. Bullying can occur online (cyber-bullying) and via a whole range of social media, games consoles and via mobile phones and devices. The workshops will of course be age-appropriate and support pupils to recognise what is right and wrong online. It will also address what is appropriate for their age and what is not. 

For parents there are two workshops covering a wide range of issues with Online Safety. As adults we think we know better, but I will guarantee you will be unaware of all the latest apps and dangers lurking online. Please spare an hour if you can, to find out more at 9am or 5pm. You can book online here

Sometimes with these discussions, concerns do come to the surface so if you do have any worries or questions, please speak with your class teacher in the first instance.