OfSTED Report for Junior School

Junior School continues to be Good

I’m delighted to let you know that following the OfSTED inspection of the Junior School it continues to be a good school. 

The inspection took place on 26-27th November under section 8 - inspection of a good school. I had a conversation on the telephone with the inspector the previous day for 90 minutes and then she spent the next two days in school looking primarily at three subjects, namely Reading, Mathematics and Music. She also spent some time looking at safeguarding, pupil behaviour and personal development and staff well-being and workload. 

The report shows that the pupils are happy and enjoy school and this was also supported in the Parent View survey where 100% of parents agreed. The report has many positive comments including that: 

  • Leaders are ambitious for all pupils to be successful;

  • The curriculum is broad, interesting and varied;

  • There are high standards in Reading and the school gives it a high priority;

  • The Maths curriculum is demanding and pupils do well in Mathematics;

  • Pupils do well in Music and have many opportunities to perform;

  • Leaders have high expectations;

  • Pupils use key terms accurately and confidently;

  • Pupils have good attitudes to learning and listen carefully to teachers;

  • Safeguarding is effective and is high profile.

During our conversations with the inspector, we discussed our school priorities including the development of some foundation subjects such as Design Technology and Geography. This was identified in the report as the school’s area to improve. 

You can download the report below and you can see the Parent Survey results by clicking here. The report will appear on the OfSTED website in the next 5 working days. 

I am pleased that the hard work of pupils, staff and governors is recognised and the school continues to be good and progress further. This was the 8th time OfSTED have visited The Raglan Schools in 6 years and the Junior School will be next inspected in approximately 4 years. The Infant School was inspected separately in February 2018 (remained good) and will likely be inspected again in 2022.

Martin Kelsey - Headteacher