Coronavirus Update

Updated - 12th March 2020

You will probably be aware of updated advice from the government, however schools will remain open.

Pupils, staff or visitors should not attend school and stay home for at least 7 days if they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus which include:

  • high temperature;

  • A new continuous cough.

Advice on washing hands remains the same, which should be done:

  • before eating;

  • after visiting the toilet;

  • after sneezing or coughing;

  • after using public transport;

The impact of these changes is likely to lead to a fall in pupil attendance and staff absence. We will continue to run as normal but an increasing number of absent staff may lead to:

  • changes to timetables and curriculum;

  • split and mixed classes;

  • cancellation of visits;

  • club cancellations;

  • reduced capacity or operation of the Wrap Club;

  • changes to lunchtime service and menu;

  • cancellation of lettings and community groups.

Should staff absence become critical then we may be faced with partial or full closure. We are currently preparing in case government advice changes, to ensure we can provide opportunities for home learning.

Monday’s Music Festival at the Royal Festival Hall has been cancelled. This is a great shame for our singers who have been working very hard and looking forward to performing in the iconic venue. I am sure there will be other opportunities to perform to the school.