Parent Update 16/03/20

Parent Update - 16th March 

There will be a daily update from school to keep you informed about the current situation. 

Firstly thank you for using our new absence form, it helped us enormously this morning. Please continue to use this form rather than call where possible. 

If your child will be absent on Tuesday, please complete the form again, however, we have made some changes to the form so you don’t have to keep filling it in every day, especially if the absence is going to be ongoing. This will mean we won’t have to chase up the absence. 

Attendance and Events 

  • Today, attendance was 70% (Infants) and 79% (Juniors) all lessons and the curriculum continued as planned, as did clubs. All teachers were present other than planned absences. 

  • At this stage we have decided to cancel any events that bring groups of people into the school such as parent workshops etc. Therefore the book bistro today and phonics workshop (tomorrow) are cancelled.

  • Raglan Wrap Club is operating as normal. At the current time with the school and club open the Terms and Conditions have not changed. However this will be kept under review. 

Upcoming Cancelled Events include:

  • Y5 STEM workshop at Palmers Green High

  • Royal Festival Hall Choir Festival 

  • Dance Festival

  • London Youth Games Tag Rugby

  • Sitting Volleyball 

Current Cases 

At present there are no staff or children with confirmed cases of Coronavirus, that we are aware of. We do know that a grandparent of a pupil in the Infant School has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and the family (including the pupil) are self-isolating as a precaution.

Government Advice  

The Government currently requires all schools to stay open and is updating guidance on a regular basis. The advice was updated today but the main advice remains the same. Pupils, staff or visitors to stay home if they have symptoms of Coronavirus for 7 days. Symptoms are described as 

  • High temperature - at or above 37.8

  • A new persistent cough 

It is essential that we all do this, which will inevitably lead to pupil and staff absence. We will send home any pupil who is presenting with these symptoms. 

Government advice now indicates any child experiencing these symptoms should be sent home.

Reminder on Reporting Absence 

Every family will have its own set of circumstances and some parents/carers are taking precautionary measures that go beyond the current guidance, especially where there are family members who are in the at-risk groups. Ultimately it is your decision as parents/carers what you decide to do but the school can not make this decision for you. Due to this we are expecting a high volume of calls, emails and visitors to the office, so we do ask that you are patient when communicating with the school. We already have staff shortages in the office team, so please only contact the school if it is important/essential.

Please help us by reporting all absences using this new online form. Please do this as soon as possible (preferably by 08:00) and no later than 09:15. 

As a school, we will won’t be challenging absent pupils at the current time. However we still have a duty to safeguard pupils and know that they are safe, so please keep us updated with absence. We will continue to call those parents who have not reported absence. As school remains open and the advice is only to keep children who are unwell away from school, we will therefore not be providing work for pupils who are absent from school. 

The leadership team meets every morning at 8am and we will review the pupil and staff absence to make arrangements for the day ahead. Having as much information at this time will help our planning. 

I will continue to keep you updated daily with any changes. Please see the website for previous updates on 12th March and 15th March 

Martin Kelsey