Parent Daily Update

Parent Daily Update  - Wednesday 18th March 2020

Here’s today’s update! Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us to manage the current situation. Around 543 pupils remained in school today and although we saw a few more staff absences due to the new guidance, we were able to run a successful day. 

The government has just announced the closure of all schools by the end of Friday. 

We have already been preparing for this eventuality and we will prepare the children over the next two days for how they can carry on learning at home. This is not an extended holiday, as it could be for a substantial number of weeks and teachers are ready to be setting work on a weekly basis, to try to keep some normality for the children. The government has also asked schools to stay open for those key workers who do not have childcare and those children who are more vulnerable. We will be looking at this over the next couple of days as further information is received. 

Attendance and Events 

  • Today, attendance was 54% (Infants) and 64% (Juniors) most lessons and the curriculum continued as planned. However, some children worked in different classes due to staff absence.

  • 16 members of staff were absent including 6 teachers (several are pregnant or with underlying health issues or children at home self-isolating)

  • Raglan Wrap Club is operating as normal. At the current time with the school and club open the Terms and Conditions have not changed. However we will be cancelling all future bookings from Monday. We will also be looking at refunds for those who have booked in advance and will investigate how best to refund those who have paid by TFC or childcare vouchers. This process may take some time so please be patient.

  • Stay and Play on Fridays has been cancelled for all remaining sessions. 

  • All out of school matches and tournaments are cancelled 

  • KS2 Dance and Boys Netball Clubs are cancelled tomorrow (Thursday). All other clubs are running at the point of writing.

Current Cases - no change to yesterday

At present there are no staff or children with confirmed cases of Coronavirus, that we are aware of. We do know that a grandparent of a pupil in the Infant School has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and the family (including the pupil) started self-isolating at the weekend as a precaution.

Reporting Absence 

Thank you for using our new absence form, it saves lots of time and is helping with planning ahead. 

If you told us that your child will be absent until further notice, then you don’t need to fill it in again.

If you told us that your child will be absent for 2-7 days, you don’t need to fill it in again until those days pass. However, we will probably ask all parents to check in and update us at the start of next week.

I have taken the decision to authorise all absences at this point. 

Government Advice  

The Government currently requires all schools to stay open and is updating guidance on a regular basis. 

The advice changed on Monday evening and now states:

Anyone with a fever or persistent cough should stay at home for seven days if they live alone or 14 days if they live with others. Anyone who lives with someone displaying coronavirus symptoms should also stay at home for 14 days. 

It is essential that we all do this, which will inevitably lead to pupil and staff absence. We will send home any pupil who is presenting with these symptoms. Government advice now indicates any child experiencing these symptoms should be sent home.

I will have further information on home learning tomorrow. 

Martin Kelsey - Headteacher