Parent Daily Update 19/03/20

Parent Daily Update  - 19th March 2020

The government has announced the partial closure of all schools and will close to most pupils on Friday at 3.10/3.20pm. 

  • We will be providing Essential Childcare & Support from next week for key workers, pupils with EHCPs and other vulnerable pupils. 

  • We are still awaiting details from the government but once we do you will receive a letter with further information.

  • Home Learning letters will be available tomorrow which will outline the learning to be done at home. 

  • School will be open between Friday 3.45pm and 4.30pm for children/parents who have been absent to collect reading books and workbooks etc. 

  • Children who are entitled to Free School Meals can collect a packed lunch each day from school starting on Monday. Please note this is not universal free school meals offered to all Infant pupils. We will contact those parents tomorrow. 

Please remember to update us on absence for tomorrow using the new absence form 

Attendance and Events 

  • Today, attendance was 44% (Infants) and 52% (Juniors). Classes were condensed most of the day.  

  • 16 members of staff were absent including 6 teachers (several are pregnant or with underlying health issues or children at home self-isolating)

  • Raglan Wrap Club will close tomorrow at 6pm for the foreseeable future. We will be cancelling all future bookings from Monday. We will also be looking at refunds for those who have booked in advance and will investigate how best to refund those who have paid by TFC or childcare vouchers. 

  • Stay and Play on Fridays has been cancelled for all remaining sessions. 

  • Nursery and Reception Football clubs are cancelled tomorrow

  • iDance is on as far as we know

Dry cough or fever?

Watch this video, which explains the main symptoms of Coronavirus and what to do about it. Have you or your child got a cough? Watch the video to see what it means to have a dry continuous cough. 

Community Help

Over 30 charity and  community groups are trying to help people deal with coronavirus, especially those who are vulnerable and are in need of food or are isolated at home. There is a facebook group called Enfield Coronavirus Help and the council have a form to complete online to request help.

Thank you for your kind words over the last few days, we have tried to be clear in our communications and advice given the information that we have.

Martin Kelsey - Headteacher