Parent Update

Parent Update - 22nd March

Dear Parents/Carers

Here is the latest update for the week ahead.

Office Hours and Contact 

The office hours will be 8.30am to 12.30pm for telephone 0208 3605121 or email the office is closed to visitors. Each year group team has an email address for parents to use while we are not in school. Please use those for learning enquiries. You can find the addresses on the Home Learning Page 

Essential Childcare and Support

The school is open to a limited number of pupils for Essential Childcare and Support. All those who have been offered a place should have received a text and an email to confirm. If you think you should have been offered a place, please contact the office email address. 

We are still awaiting confirmation of which sessions from around 25 parents. Please respond as soon as possible.

The aim of the shutdown is to have as many pupils at home as possible. The school is operating childcare for those children of key workers and providing childcare and support for children with an EHCP where parents have requested it. Some other pupils have been invited, so we can give support at this challenging of times. 

Around 75% of the staff are able to be in school but we will reduce to a skeleton staff each day on a rota to conform with the government request for as many people to work at home as possible.

Home Learning

We have set up learning that can be done at home. There is plenty, possibly too much but the message is do what you can. I would strongly advise that given this may go on for some weeks, you try and have some routine. 

Visit the website here for details of the Home Learning.  

Remember the latest government advice is for people to stay home as much as possible, so children should not be gathering in groups to play out or meeting in groups to complete work. 


I have been receiving offers to volunteer from parents and carers and we may need to call on volunteers at times. If you are able to support the school and the community with the childcare provision and you have DBS clearance, then please let us know. You are welcome to bring your own children if that helps. You can let us know your availability here 

Trips and Residentials 

All future day trips have now been cancelled and we will over the coming weeks organise the refunds of voluntary contributions.

I’m sorry to say that the Year 6 Sports Tour to Cardiff and the new Year 4 residentials to Celtic Harmony will be cancelled. These are horrible decisions to make but even though we may be back by these dates in June/July, there is no guarantee and so the financial risk is too great. We will be making arrangements to refund any deposits paid over the coming weeks. 

The September visit to PGL (current Year 5) will remain for now but will be kept under review. 

Raglan Wrap Club

All future bookings will be cancelled and we are making arrangements to make any refunds of advance payments. If the school is shutdown for a considerable period the future of the club will need to be reviewed as the loss of income could run up to £50,000. It is not clear if schools can claim support for employment costs for this, as the club is not funded by the state. 

Free School Meals

96 pupils are entitled to the free school meals benefit (not to be confused with the Universal Infant Free School Meals). The catering company is making arrangements for parents to collect a lunch as of Monday. Please remember this is a service to support parents and is not an opportunity for parents to meet as we continue to encourage the social distance advice as recommended. Those parents this applies to will have received a text message. If you have yet to complete the online form, please do so here If there are other parents who continue to struggle financially during this time and feel they would benefit from a packed lunch, please make us aware as it is likely not all parents will take up this option. 

Dry cough or fever?

Watch this video, which explains the main symptoms of Coronavirus and what to do about it. Have you or your child got a cough? Watch the video to see what it means to have a dry continuous cough. 

Community Help

Over 30 charity and  community groups are trying to help people deal with coronavirus, especially those who are vulnerable and are in need of food or are isolated at home. There is a facebook group called Enfield Coronavirus Help and the council have a form to complete online to request help.

As the weeks progress the school will continue to support your children’s learning at home. However, there may be staff who become unwell so please be patient with us as we will try to ensure you have as much support from us as we can. 

Stay Safe! 

Martin Kelsey