Parent Update

Parent Update - 24th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

The latest advice from the Government is for everyone, where they can, to remain at home. This does not affect the Essential Childcare and Support sessions which started this week (see below). However, where a child can be at home, then they should. Therefore where parents have one key worker in the family and another family member working at home, we strongly recommend that these children refrain from coming into school, even to use the essential childcare provision.

Office Hours and Contact 

The office hours will continue to be open from 8.30am to 12.30pm for telephone 0208 3605121 or staff continue to respond to the office email However the office remains closed to visitors. Each year group team has an email address for parents to use while we are not in school. Please use those for learning enquiries. You can find the addresses on the Home Learning Page 


Essential Childcare and Support

We had between 26-30 children each day so far, much lower than anticipated, which signals that parents have been taking the government’s advice to stay home. We will send out a new booking form later in the week for next week’s sessions. Please ensure if your child is attending these sessions they bring in their home learning as they will be completing this in school. 

Free School Meals

If you child is entitled to the free school meal benefit (not Infant Universal FSM) then you can collect a packed lunch from school each day. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to have a hot meal at school. 

If you are not in receipt of FSM, but are experiencing any financial difficulties and would like a free packed lunch for your child, you can book one on the form below. 

Book a free packed lunch

Home Learning

Home learning started this week and we can see that many of you are getting going with it! There is plenty, possibly too much but the message is do what you can. I would strongly advise that given this may go on for some weeks, you try and have some routine. Please remember ‘little and often’ is more beneficial to all children as this will help to keep them motivated and help to ensure they retain what they are learning at home.

Visit the website here for details of the Home Learning.  

Unfortunately due to the new government advice to stay home it will not be possible for parents to collect books and packs. However, all information in these books can be found on the Home Learning Pages. As time passes teachers will also continue to signpost parents to good websites where things can be printed if you are concerned with the amount of time they may be spending on screens.

Raglan Active

Mr Flett has launched episode one of Raglan Active, you can visit the Raglan Active page or jump straight to his YouTube video here. 

Each episode with some ideas on staying active at home!


Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help. We are ok at the moment but will be in touch if we need extra people. If you are able to support the school and the community with the childcare provision and you have DBS clearance, then please let us know. You are welcome to bring your own children if that helps. You can let us know your availability here 

Dry cough or fever?

Watch this video, which explains the main symptoms of Coronavirus and what to do about it. Have you or your child got a cough? Watch the video to see what it means to have a dry continuous cough. 

Community Help

Over 30 charity and  community groups are trying to help people deal with coronavirus, especially those who are vulnerable and are in need of food or are isolated at home. 

Love your Doorstep Enfield has an online form where you can ask for help. You can access that here.

Martin Kelsey