Return to School - Phase 2

Raglan to open to all pupils part-time

Following the recent Government announcement that schools will not be required to open further to all pupils, we have reviewed our plan. As you may recall our plan has in Phase 2, the capacity to grow and offer all pupils from Years 2-5 an opportunity to return to school for 2 days a week, if the situation with the virus continues to improve.

Having discussed the plan with staff and governors and after reviewing the parent/carer survey we have decided, subject to the virus being in decline, to continue with our plan and open further to Years 2-5 with a staggered start from 22nd June. This provides an opportunity for all pupils at Raglan, who wish to return, to do so. This is also an invitation to those in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 who deferred their decision, to also return.

Parents will be receiving further information on 12th June which can also be found on our website including a video message from Mr Kelsey.