New Clases 2020-21

New Classes 2020-21

Today we are announcing the classes for next year. Unfortunately due to the current situation, the children have not been able to meet those teachers today and spend a morning with them as we normally would. Instead we created a website with a complete list of classes and each teacher has made a welcome video. Over the next few days, the new teachers will be popping in to say hello to their new class for those children who have returned to school. 

For children who are currently in Year 1 and Year 4, you will have new classes and these have been shown on the video slides, so your child can see who else is in their class. You will receive a separate email with the name of your new class teacher. There are more details in the letter of how the classes were put together. 

For children in Year 5 we have taken the decision for the Year 5 teachers to continue with these classes and take them into Year 6. These staff are in the best place to pick up where they left off and not waste any time getting started in covering the Year 6 curriculum in September. The current Year 6 team will move to Year 5, effectively swapping places. 

To find out the new class teacher for year groups other than Years 1 and 4, go to the website below and on the home page you will find a list of NEW classes. In the example below you can see that R4 and moving to 1AB Mrs Brown.

If you click on the Year Group tab at the top and pick your new year group, you will find the videos and slides made by the teacher. If you click on the top right corner, this will open each video/slideshow for you to watch. 

The web pages also contain information on the new staff, changes to our teams and also a welcome video and an explanation about class shares.

Here’s your link to the website, which is now live

Please share the video with your child. It is important they know what will be happening in September. The welcome videos will stay up over Summer, so you can revisit before the term starts.