August Parent/carer Update

Parent/Carer Update - August 2020

As the media ramp up going back to school headlines, we thought we would update you from a Raglan viewpoint. The government guidance has only had minor updates (so far) so what we told you in July remains the same. We are preparing for reopening to Years 1-6 on Monday 7th September. Reception and Nursery will have their own start dates as we phase in new pupils.

The good news seems to be that circulation of the virus in Enfield is very low. When I last looked at the  data, around 20 people had tested positive in the last 7 days in Enfield. This could change of course, and we will implement much of the same control measures as we did in June/July as required by the government guidance. Over 600 pupils returned to school in those months supported by 120 staff and no positive results occurred in those weeks. 

Back to School Arrangements

We will be writing to you next week to confirm all the details of returning to school. In the meantime you can watch Mr Kelsey’s screencast from July outlining the arrangements. You can see the video here 

The start and end of school will be staggered to reduce the number of parents on the site. The times are as follows

Wave 1 at 08:30  Year 1 (and Nursery)                Finish time Year 1 at 15:00

Wave 2 at 08:40  Reception, Year 3 and Year 5   Finish time at 15:10

Wave 3 at 08:50  Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6        Finish time at 15:20

If you have siblings in different waves, please drop off in Wave 2 or 3, staff will be ready from those points. Unfortunately we won’t be able to put siblings together for the pick up. Further details on which gates to use will be in your letter coming soon. 

Face Coverings 

There is quite a debate at the moment about face coverings in schools, although most centres around secondary schools, especially when moving around the school. Guidance from the government is that face coverings are not recommended in primary apart from some specific situations, such as dealing with first aid, children with symptoms and intimate care. Our policy has not changed with regards to face coverings and will not prevent anyone from wearing one.


Thank you if you completed the survey at the end of term. The results were very positive and the vast majority of parents were pleased with our arrangements, communications and decisions. We noted the improvements needed with feedback to pupils. You can read the report here

Drop in - Friday 4th September 

We are holding some drop in sessions on the afternoon of Friday 4th September for those pupils (Years 1-6) who did not return to school in June/July. This session will be for around 30 minutes and children and parents will be invited into the classroom to see their new teacher and classroom and do an activity. This will be limited to a small number of pupils. 

So far we have received around 105 requests, so if you have not yet signed up, but would like your child to drop in You can register your interest on this form  We will confirm your appointment time next week, which will be sometime between 1pm and 2.30pm. This invitation is also extended to pupils with EHC plans whether they returned or not. 

Raglan Wrap Club Update

We have now finalised our offers to parents who applied for a place at Raglan Wrap Club. Successful parents will have received an invitation to book their sessions. We are having to operate under the guidelines set out by the government which means we have to prioritise pupils who use the club each week on a regular basis. Hopefully when the guidance is relaxed we can extend this to our usual arrangements. For lighter users, we did not receive enough interest in other arrangements, so it is unlikely that we will be able to support lighter users at this stage. Any enquiries please send to

Term Dates

Have been confirmed and can be found on the website here. The term time postcards will be with us at the start of term.

I hope the children are looking forward to coming back to school, please be positive and don’t forget to revisit their class teacher video, which can be found on our website, here