Year 3 Closed

Year 3 to close on Friday 18th September 

This evening I have received confirmation of a positive result for a pupil in Year 3. 

I am still awaiting official advice from the local health team, with regards to advice on potential self-isolation for the year group bubble and any adult who came into contact with the child, who has tested positive.

As a precaution, Year 3 will be closed tomorrow Friday 18th September and children should  self isolate.

Once I have received the official advice from Public Health, I will advise you about what happens next. However, in the meantime Year 3 children should self-isolate as a precaution. Testing is only advised for those people displaying symptoms.

If you have siblings, the guidance says they can continue to attend school, however you may wish to wait for official advice.

As per the guidance all other year groups will continue as normal tomorrow. 

We will continue to update you with further information as soon as we receive it. You can see the latest information on our website

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