Online Safety

Book your place on the Online Safety Training

The Digital Parenting is a magazine about advice on how you can help your children develop the skills and knowledge they need to use the online world. You can read it online here We have some paper versions to send home to some pupils and extra copies are available from the office.


Please remember that we have a page on our website which has similar articles updated regularly. This can be found in Parents>E-safety.


On Monday 20th November we will be having an Online Safety Day. Pupils will have workshops at an age appropriate level regarding staying safe online. The staff are also having training on this day and there is a workshop for parents between 9am-10am or 5pm and 6pm on this day.


I would urge you to attend one of the workshops as it is clear that growing up in a digital age is becoming more and more challenging for young people. Each year we have more and more incidents between pupils that occur online out of school, often mean messages or inappropriate language in a group chat. Whilst it is clear children can use the technology, many do not possess the social and emotional skills to deal with the online world.

The workshop for parents is 60 minutes and will provide the latest information on keeping children safe online. If you would like to attend, please complete this form. Raglan pupils can be dropped off to the Wrap Club for the 5pm-6pm session, free of charge. Please note the workshop is for parents.