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We have an exciting programme of performances over the next few weeks. 

Please Read the letter for more information

Click on the following links to book your tickets for performances. 

Yr 2 - A Midwife Crisis     Tues 12/12/17     9.30pm     2AL 2EA 1ES 1ER

Yrr 5 - iGospel Concert     Tues 12/12/17     2.30pm

Yr 2 - A Midwife Crisis      Thurs 14/12/17      9.30am & 2.30pm     2AB 2BA 1SB 1NH

Yr 4 - Bethlehem The Musical     Thurs 14/12/17     6pm

Yr4 - Bethlehem The Musical      Mon 18/12/17      2pm

Rec - Humph the Camel     Wed 6/12/17      9.15am     R1Wi & R3Wh

Rec - Humph the Camel     Thurs 7/12/17     9.15am     R2P & R4F

Nursery Songs     Mon 18/12/17     11am & 2.45pm