Zebra Crossing Consultation

The Local Authority have started a consultation on a Zebra Crossing for Wellington Road

Back in October 2015, our Crossing Patrol retired and was not replaced. Despite pressure from school and parents, a replacement was not forthcoming and we were promised a zebra crossing. However due to budget pressures in the local authority and because a crossing was not considered a high priority, the project did not take place. The situation remains dangerous in our opinion and a zebra crossing is needed. 

The local authority are now running a consultation on a new zebra crossing in Wellington Road. They will be posting information in Wellington Road. 

As a school we would like to send a strong response with your support. If you are part of the Raglan School community and support our request for a Zebra Crossing, please add your name to our campaign. You will need an email address to validate your name/support, but it will not be used or published in any way. 

Add your name to support our campain here