OfSTED Letter

Raglan Infant School Continues to be Good

After a positive visit from OfSTED, I am delighted that the school continues to be judged as a good school. The visit on the 27th February was a one day inspection with one inspector.

The letter from OfSTED has now been published - read it here. The report will be published on the OfSTED website in the next few days.

“Pupils are caring and respectful and collaborate well with each other and adults. There is a calm and purposeful atmosphere at the school.”

The inspection followed three lines of enquiry, these where

  • What has the school done to improve the progress of disadvantaged pupils?

  • Are expectations high enough for the most able pupils?

  • Is there consistency across Early Years including the nursery?

The inspector found that the school had addressed, or was making good progress in all of the three areas. They also found that leaders and governors have “a detailed knowledge and understanding of the schools’ strengths and weaknesses.” Safeguarding was found to be effective. The inspector visited all classrooms and looked at books and spoke with pupils. She also had meetings with the headteacher and leadership team, 3 governors and also leading teachers from the year groups. 

The parent survey online was very positive, so thank you for your continued support. I would also like to thank the staff for all their continued hard work and efforts, as without them the school would not be in a strong position to move forward. Strong teamwork from middle and senior leaders also features in the letter.

If you would like to read the letter, it is now available on the school website at www.raglanschools.org or a hard copy can be obtained from the school office.

As you will be aware the Junior School was last inspected in March 2016 and therefore will be subject to inspection from March 2019. Our school evaluation shows that the Juniors also remains a good school.

Martin Kelsey