Weekly News

Weekly News - 1st October

Thursday 4th October

Year 6 Shakespeare Workshop

Favourites Day

Friday 5th October

Year 6 Shakespeare Workshop

RSA Annual Meeting

Monday 8th October

Flu Immunisation - Year R-5 (for those who have returned signed forms to agree)
Thursday 11th October Year 2 Visit to the Church
Dates Ahead Meet the Teacher appointments on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October.

Inspirational Role Models!

Our Key Stage 2 Assemblies had a focus on “Celebrating Difference” and we looked at some jobs that people do and the children were surprised to find that

  • Around 5% of firefighters are women

  • Around 11% of nurses are male

  • Around 11% of engineers are women

  • Around 15% of primary teachers are male

We discussed the qualities needed to do these jobs to emphasise that anyone with the right skills, interest and ability could do any of these jobs.

It would be great to bring this to life with real people, so if you know anyone who has a job/role that fits this theme (could be beyond the 4 jobs above) and would be willing to come into school and talk to the children and answer some questions, please ask them to get in touch!


Yesterday there was an accident in Amberley Road involving one of our pupils, who was hit by a car. Thankfully he is ok but serves as a reminder to all parents and carers to take care around the site. I understand a car was parked on the yellow zig-zags, which may have been one of the contributing factors in this accident.

I will be writing to Enfield Council once again to highlight our concerns around the safety of the roads around the school. We have waited 3 years for a zebra crossing to be installed on Wellington Road and we were told this was to be completed in the Summer holidays, alas no crossing has appeared. Sadly it appears that only when someone is injured, will any priority be given to this work.

Please play your part for the safety of all our pupils and school community by:

  • Parking responsibly and legally;

  • Parking well away from the school and walk the remaining distance (Park and Stride);

  • Turning off engines while waiting;

  • Ensuring children are close at hand when crossing roads.

Cars parked illegally can be reported on 020 8443 0602, which is the Enfield Parking line. Their website is https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/parking/parking/parking-restrictions/

Illegal Parking includes:

  • double parked (more than 50cm from the kerb);

  • on school entrance markings;

  • on the pavement or verge (except in a legal pavement parking space);

  • on waiting restriction lines (yellow lines);

  • parked on or next to a dropped kerb.

The more reports received, the more likely they will schedule visits by the parking enforcement team.

Can you help us?

Our school has around 32 different languages and whilst we have quite a few covered among our staff, we sometimes struggle with communicating with parents, who do not speak English well. If any parent is willing to volunteer their time to help translate, we are compiling a list to draw on when the need arises. This may be over the telephone or face to face and with the agreement of all concerned. If you would like to volunteer, please email the office with your details and language spoken.

Lunch Menu

KS1 are now choosing their lunch in the mornings when they register. There are options available to children and this can be viewed on our website, Lunch Menu. If you would like your child to have a hot meal and not the cold option please discuss this with your child at home. We are currently on week two.  

Flu Immunisation

Flu immunisations will be on the 8th October. They will all take place in the infants. If you have not returned your form and wish to have it you have up to Monday morning to return this to us. Even if the request is a no the forms still need to be returned.  

October Half Term Club

This half term Pro Elite will be running our half term camp. Pro Elite currently run after-school clubs daily across the whole school and also provide weekend indoor football clubs in our main hall. The children over the week will be involved in activities ranging from football, parachute games, multi-skills games and much much more. To book please visit Pro Elite Bookings. Leaflets will be out shortly if you require additional information please visit: www.efacademy.co.uk

School Photographs

Junior photos are on Wednesday 10th October and Infant photos are on Thursday 18th October. On these two days, they will be doing sibling photos but only if the children are in the same school. If you have a child in the juniors and infants and would like their photo done, Churchbury will be running an early morning session between 8am-9am in the Junior and Infant hall.  


Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform in school. If you are unsure about the uniform please see link, Uniform.  

Raglan Wrap Club

Please ensure that payments are made on receipt of the booking confirmation letter. Parents who do not pay via childcare vouchers or tax-free payments can be made via parentpay, Click Here. If your employer provides childcare vouchers please do not hesitate to contact the wrap email to advise of your provider and we will issue you with our registration number if you are interested in applying for Tax-Free Childcare please see link, Click Here.  Please ensure that if any money is outstanding or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact wrap@raglanschools.org.

Please have a look at our plans for the coming weeks, Raglan Wrap Plans.    

Please ensure your child has a packed snack for Raglan Wrap Club, the snack must not contain nuts as we are a nut free school.

After Schools Clubs

Just a reminder that after-school clubs for the Infants finish at 4.10pm and Junior clubs finish at 4.20pm unless otherwise stated. If children are not collected on time they will be sent to wrap club where you will be charged £5.00 for the session.

Free Cycle Lessons!

Cycle Enfield will once again be offering FREE half term holiday cycle skills for various age groups Monday 22nd October – Friday 26th October. These free sessions are happening at Russet House School. Please bear in mind this is the only opportunity for younger children (age 4-9) to receive training. Training can be booked here: http://www.cycleconfident.com/sponsors/enfield/

Happy Cycling!

Where: Russet House School

Booking restriction: Live, work or study in Enfield

Price: Free

Raglan Music News

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons (Years 2 -6)

New applications forms for tuition starting in the SPRING TERM 2019 are now available for the School Office. Forms are also available from www.enfield.gov.uk (search Enfield Music Service). Forms should reach EMS by Friday 9th November 2018.

Instrumental lessons Autumn Term

Please inform us in advance if your child will miss their instrumental due to illness, school trips or appointments. Please email office@raglanschools.org ATTN. MUSIC TEAM


Well done to Nicholas for passing his Grade 1 Piano exam with ‘Distinction’.

Well done Lila for passing her Grade 2 piano exam with ‘Merit’

For advance notice of music events please Click here

Raglan Sports News

To get the most up to date sport and PE information, follow the Raglan Schools Twitter page.

It has been fantastic to see our children "Running to Tokyo," this week, but we'd love to see even more of our KS2 pupils coming for a run in the mornings.  You can find out all the details for Run To Tokyo, Click Here

We are always keen for our children to participate in sport outside of school.   We have contacts with a large number of external clubs for both boys and girls in a variety of sports.  If your child would like to continue playing a sport or would like to get some extra practice, in time for the December trials please get in contact with some of the clubs listed here.

Enfield Ignatians Rugby Club will be holding a “Raglan Fun Morning” on Sunday 10:00-12:00 at their ground (Donkey Lane, Enfield EN1 3PL).   Particularly after the success of our rugby teams last year, it would be lovely to see some of our girls and boys there.  If you have any questions about Sunday please email stevebaldwin526@gmail.com.

If any children would like a pair of football boots for free, please ask them to see a member of the PE Team.  If you have any boots lying around at home, we are always very grateful for donations. We are particularly in need of sizes 1,2 and 3 boots at the moment as lots of our Year 3’s are starting to play sport for the first time.

Congratulations to our Raglan Rebels for starting their league campaign off with a win.  You can read a report of the game here.

Our brand new “Sports Journalists” have written some short bios about themselves on our website.  You can read them here.

Raglan Art News

Christmas Card Craft

Yes, it's time to think about Christmas cards already! The RSA has proposed a whole school fundraising project to design and make Christmas cards for families and friends to buy so next week all the children in school will be making colourful Christmas card designs to send off to be made into real cards. A team of parent volunteers will be helping to cut card, prepare resources and run craft workshops throughout the school. If you are able to help, please contact Estelle from RSA, myself (Ms Ashall, Art Teacher) or see your child's class teacher.


Thank you for the 'junk' many parents have collected and sent into school for Y2 Art lessons. We have lots of plastic now but are quite short of medium and small cardboard boxes (eg cereal, tea bags, cake boxes). Please bring to the art room (house points awarded to helpful collectors). Thanks.


The children continue to work on various autumnal themes. Look out for some colourful collages, drawings and photos that will be appearing on displays around the school shortly...

RSA Weekly News

This week - Annual General Meeting - Friday, 5th October

As we are a registered charity we are required to have an annual AGM.  This will be held on Friday, 5th October from 9-10am. Every parent at Raglan is an automatic member of the RSA and therefore welcome to come along.  We would love to see you there. There will also be coffee and cake.

At the AGM we vote in a committee who have a responsibility to coordinate activities for the year.  Anyone can be nominated for any of the positions including; Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer and Secretary. If more than one person is nominated for a post, then those present at the meeting will vote.  The person with most votes will be elected.

In order to nominate someone please go to our webpage or Classlist where we will be posting a nomination form.  These nomination forms should be returned to the School Office by Thursday, 4th October by end of the day.

Christmas Card Project - Help needed

Volunteers needed to help classes with their Christmas Card artwork.  Time and date(s) still being worked out. Let us know if you have any spare time to either come into school or help prepare resources at home.  Email raglanschoolassociation@gmail.com or join the Christmas Card Project Group on Classlist to be kept informed.  

Class Representatives

Each year we ask for volunteers to be Class reps for the school year.  The main purpose of this role is to keep people informed of the RSA fundraising events.  Some reps also arrange social evenings, Christmas and end of year gifts for teachers. If you would like to be the class rep for your class please send an email to raglanschoolassocation@gmail.com


Last year the RSA introduced an App called Classlist to help keep in touch with other parents/carers in the school.  You can also access it through a web browser. Please sign up if you haven't yet done so at www.classlist.com and search for The Raglan Schools.  There is now another Raglan school on there so please select the right one.